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About Us

About Hollywood Flowers/ Flower Delivery

For many people, the glory of God's artistry is manifested in His creation of nature. "The glory of the Lord shall endure forever: the Lord shall rejoice in his works." (Psalm 104:31) Few like Flowers Hollywood flower shop are fortunate enough to own and garden their own floristry making it easy to arrange and display the fruits of their labor. For others, a fresh flower delivery is the answer to their requirements for fresh cut roses or daisies added daily to their homes. We at Flowers Hollywood flower shop have standing orders to fill every day that require newly cut floristry in offices, at restaurants or in even your homes. Even though silk and other synthetic reproductions of floral arrangements can be purchased, some our professional florist requires freshly cut floristry with next day flower delivery services for all their orders just to satisfy all our beloved costumers. So get only the best arrangement here at Flowers Hollywood flower shop!